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We strive to provide easy and reliable information on Klang Valley public transportation, lifestyle events and promotions across our platform for our users.

Our Transport App

Currently in the midst of development. Below are some screenshots of what our app is going to look like when we launch it. Stay tuned for more.

Our Team

We are quite a mixed bunched in TIFE. From strategic thinkers to code wizards, it takes a wide range of expertise and skills to make sure we provide the best solutions for our users and clients across our platforms.

  • Hong Quan - Future Accountability Executive (CEO)
  • Andy Hoe - Chief Curator (Head of Marketing & Communications)
  • Hon Tian - Code Magician (Developer)
  • Jayden Woo - Software Ninjaneer (Developer)
  • Joon Huang - Software Neurosurgeon (Developer)
  • Guo Heng - Computer Whisperer (IT)
  • Latest News Headlines

    3 June 2018

    We launched our webiste and facebook page.

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